Wednesday, 17 May 2017


As I prepare myself for my Ibiza holiday, after being horrendously ill for the past week, now has never been a better time than ever to give my health a serious kick. Talking about my diet is something that makes me feel a little insecure, my weight has always been a sensitive issue for me - almost feeling embarrassed by it. No, admittedly, I'm not severely overweight and yes, my diet COULD be a lot worse. However, my issue with my diet is the emotional stigma to it. Like most girls, I'm guilty of emotional eating, I feel sad, so I eat chocolate and chicken nuggets...I feel happy and I also eat chocolate and chicken nuggets. You see the problem now? 

However, that is just the tip of the iceberg for me. My relationship with food goes a lot deeper than that. I grew up with my family owning restaurants, so inevitably I loved trying new foods and experimenting, I was never shy of it. My health, fitness and diet is the reason I got into blogging - so I have to be very grateful for it. Around about a year ago, I found myself in a very unhealthy relationship. The girl with ambition and drive, who usually had all her life in order, no longer existed. I lost myself, engulfed in the emotion of the relationship. I was out of my depth. I was losing control of everything and I essentially allowed someone to gamble with my life and be my decision maker. 

The anxiety, hurt and frustration accumulated to a constant feeling of tension in my stomach. Which is when it became apparent, that the only thing I could have control over was my I did. I'd limit myself to only eating foods I wanted to eat, refusing to eat anything I didn't want to, like a stubborn child. I'd feel hurt, so I wouldn't eat, a way of trying to gain some physicality of the emotions. Weight dropped off me and I developed a seriously unhealthy relationship with food (mirroring my actual relationship), only allowing myself to eat a few mouth fulls of food a day and nothing too fattening. I was eating, or not eating my emotions. 

I look back on this time and I'm embarrassed by it. I'm annoyed at myself for allowing myself to get to that stage. But I also look back on it and feel such relief that that is not where I'm at in my life now. I look back and I'm glad that it happened because I wouldn't know what it feels like to be happy now. I look back and I'm proud for overcoming it and growing as a person.Yes, I have a tendency to go to the other end of the spectrum and indulge too much in food - which can be equally as bad. But as long as I'm not at the stage I was at a year ago, I am happy. So with that, I've started my journey, to be strong, not skinny - and I'm so proud that Protein World are helping me along the way.

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Friday, 14 April 2017


The guilty pleasure none of us want to have but somehow can't seem to stop ourselves downloading....deleting....then re-downloading. I cringe to admit that I'm part of the generation where this is the dating norm - it's one of those things you kind of hate to love! But if you can't beat them, join them! Here's some of the tinder guys, you defo need to be swiping left to...

1. The "Hey beautiful" one 
Ok Hun bun, let's not pretend you're not trying to sweet talk every girl on here with this. This is f*ckboy for "I can't remember all your names" but I'll leave you with more issues, not even Jeremy Kyle will be able to fix you. Let's not go there. 

2. The recently single one
He'll date you once or twice, then once you're in deep, leave you with some bullsh*t excuse as to how he's just not ready for anything now...but he might be in 6 months time...BOY BYE. 

3. The "I'm just here visiting the UK for a few weeks" one
He'll tell you he wants to see you again and that he'll stay in touch. But girl, he's leaving you and the crappy British weather in the past. 

4. The one with topless pictures of himself
OK...we get that you have an amazing body and you're definitely making me feel bad for eating that last slice of pizza. But your good bod ain't saving you when your chat is dead. Let's not waste our time with the king of all f*ckboys. 

5. The one with the cheesy chat up line 
Girl, you deserve more than someone who copy and pasted the same chat up line to 100 other girls.

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Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Anyone who follows my snap, knows how much I fail at being a girl when it comes to doing hair. I spend an hour doing a full face of makeup and then get bored when it comes to my hair, so give up, hope for the best and leave the house. The 4 day old messy bun is becoming my signature look. So stopping off at Duck and Dry's new blow dry bar, just off Oxford St. was the perfect opportunity for me to sort the state of my hair out. Wonder if they can fix my love life too?! 

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