Friday, 23 January 2015


As previously mentioned, the past few months have been like an emotional roller-coaster for me. So many people have recently mentioned how much I've changed. This got me thinking. Looking back, at times, I felt ashamed - of being me, and who I'd become. Behind that Instagram sassy selfie was your stereotypical self-conscious teenage girl who had little direction. I needed more than a "Valencia" filter to cover my flaws. I became increasingly hormonal, broke emotional connections with the people closest to me and shut them out; I was scared. 

It wasn't until recently when I felt I'd reached one of my lowest points that I realised it was time for a change. I made a pact with myself and decided not to let this knock keep me down. I gradually became more accepting of myself, because hey, being a bossy, stubborn little madam is what made! And whilst there are people out there that despise those parts of me, there are also people who adore me for it - and they're the ones that help me grow as a person. So after a long few months of self revelation, I'm sitting here today, preaching to you all from my bedroom floor, if I could take anything from this journey it would be to learn to love yourself. Come on! Forget about being selfish and love you for you. All those little things people made fun of at school, or that ex-boyfriend that said those nasty comments when you got into that awful argument - give them all the middle finger and love yourself for them. Because you are you and a lot of people wouldn't have you any other way. 

Love Aoife xx

(Needless to say my top seemed appropriate for this post - courtesy of Tee & Cake - concession for Topshop)


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