Friday, 9 January 2015


When I look back over 2014 I can't even believe how intense it was. It's fair to say it was probably the most stressful year of my whole entire life (so far). I can't help but be proud and give myself a pat on the back for how strong I have been. It has definitely had its highs and lows. One of the most significant things that happened through the year was my Dad moving away to Saudi Arabia. Whilst it's fair to say me and my Dad have our ups and downs, nothing could prepare me for just not having him there any more, and I miss him a lot more than I anticipated.
One of my many high points from 2014 has definitely got to have been my 18th. Anyone who knows me knows I like to go all out for birthdays and the more fuss the better. Well it's safe to say everyone did just that for my 18th. I kicked off my birthday shenanigans with a full day being pampered at MAC, I was then ready to celebrate with all my friends! I had a cocktail party with all the lovely ladies in my life, which was followed by one of the classiest birthday bashes ever with all of the guys too (thanks to my lovely mumma). I then had a weekend full of surprises, from dining at The Ivy to ice skating at Somerset House. I couldn't of planned it better myself! I was then let free in the Michael Kors shop - which definitely did some damage. All in all it was the most memorable weekend and I'm so grateful to everyone who put the effort in and made it so special.

My second favourite moment has definitely got to have been being able to work with the National Theatre. Doing so many training programs with them and then being able to go and do some filming, modelling and writing was so great! Whilst it's not actually drama that I'm wanting to go into any more, it's more a hobby, I enjoyed the confidence it gave me, meeting new people and creating an amazing book of contacts which are useful to me now when blogging.

Finally, starting up my blog has got to have been another high moment. At the time I just thought I'd blog some crap each week and nobody would be that interested. But in reality I'm blogging some crap each week and people are relatively interested - result! Things have moved so fast for me, particularly with my blog and I'm so grateful to everyone going on this crazy journey with me!

WOW! Ok, it seems like information overload there but I did try to keep it as short as possible - promise. Looking back at my highs and lows from last year definitely taught me how irrelevant some things in my life were. Petty arguments that caused me grief at the time are now barely remembered. I guess it just shows me to not waste as much of my energy on them in the future and focus it on the more positive events happening in my life. Here's to 2015!

Love Aoife xx


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