Saturday, 3 January 2015


Ok, so my plan was to post this on New Years day (as part of the relaunch of my blog - ooh fancy) however, it's taken me this long to get over my hangover and deprivation of sleep. Better late than never. Happy New Year everyone! Like all the other teenage girls out there, the dawn of 2015 got me thinking. Was 2014 successful? Did I have a good year? What did I regret? (this list was larger than the others). Then I came to the realisation of what did it all actually matter? I was dwelling on things that, lets face it, in 10 years time would be completely irrelevant to me. The only REAL thing I could was try and change things in the future - not make the same mistakes, not date that guy that I know deep down will hurt me, not send that drunken text, not eat 6 mince pies when I knew one was enough...or potentially even two! 2015 is a time to move on, not look back and be grateful for where I am in my life at this current time. I left 2014 feeling low, drained and uncertain but I know now that yesterday is in the past and I'm ready to start feeling strong again! Who's with me girls?! And that's why the "oh so cliche" phrase "New year - New me" has never felt so bloody relevant. Let's do this. 

Sending love and kisses to you all...

Aoife xx

Here have a drunken NYE photo with my girl! 


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