Saturday, 7 February 2015


I recently decided to do the Bootea teatox. What better than to have a good old January detox, to get rid of the excess Christmas junk. I'm generally not really a tea kind of gal, so I didn't know if this would be my thing. I decided to buy the 28 day detox pack (£34.99 - currently on sale), but I thought I'd do it with my Mum, so that we could spur each other on and compare our results. There's two different kinds of tea within the back, a day time tea and a bed time one. The day time cleanse has a little burst of caffeine, to give you a little bit of a wake up first thing in the morning, you're meant to drink it every morning for the period of time you're completing the detox. The night time cleanse doesn't contain caffeine, but it does induce a laxative effect, which is the part that gets everything "out" and detoxes you. You drink this one every second night over the course of your teatox. My Mum found the daytime cleanse particularly useful as she's currently training for a marathon (go Mummy!) and needs that little boost before going for her morning run. Where as the night cleanse was my favourite as I felt it had more of an effect on my system, it helped me sleep and it was just that bit yummier! In terms of detoxing, it's definitely great with issue like bloating, and in the first few days I found the results more noticeable. My mum didn't really feel like she was detoxing, however she eats a lot less crap than I do - which I'm sure has some mumbo-jumbo scientific influence! Either way I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone in the future, particularly if you're wanting to get that bikini body ready for summer. Me and my Mum shared the 28 day pack, which gave us a 14 day detox each and to be completely honest, this was just the right amount of time I felt I needed to do it for. 100%, one of the most enjoyable and tasty detoxes I have done. Cannot wait to try the Bootea shakes! 

Love Aoife xx

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