Saturday, 7 March 2015


Anxiety is something that I've struggled with since my early teens, it's also something I don't tend to be very open about - suffering in silence. Whilst over the years I've learnt how to deal with it, there will always be times when I find it creeping up on me. Anxiety disorders can vary in extremity and they're a pretty common condition, however, the symptoms can be different depending on the circumstances or the person. When at my worst I find I can feel helpless and extremely emotional, but at other times I find I over work myself, not coping with the pressure or the stress building up. Everyone finds different ways of dealing with their anxiety and as recently I have found it starting to build up again, I thought there was no better time than to blog about my experience and tips to get through it.

1. Taking a Hot Bath - My friends and family are always questioning what my obsession is with having lots of baths. Other than an excuse to experiment with new Lush products, I find it's the perfect way to de-stress. My day isn't complete without ending it in the bath tub, with lots of bubbles, candles and other smellies. 

2. Time to Think - When my anxiety gets very bad I find the build up stops me sleeping or thinking properly. That's why I think finding a time and space to just be with your thoughts during the day is so important. For me, that's when no-one else is in the house and I'm able to light some candles and spend some time ordering my busy mind. 

3. Breathing - I've recently been asked what my number one tip is for relieving stress and it has to be focusing on my breathing. Often anxiety can lead to panic attacks, and these are something I really struggled with a few years back. I managed to learn some breathing exercises from YouTube videos and these have definitely helped with preventing panic attacks. But also, as someone who really struggles with sleeping, I often do them before bedtime and I find it helps me drift off straight away. 

4. Exercise your mind healthy - The saying "healthy body, healthy mind" has never been more apparent to me. I find that even a little stroll during the day, can make a huge difference. It gives you time to clear your head and I always feel better after being out for a run or a walk. Even if you're not a fan of doing cardio style exercise, there are other options such as yoga - which will also help you focus your breathing and your mind. 

So there you have it! 4 little tips, that won't get rid of the anxiety completely, but I found all of these gave me a little push in the right direction. Whilst it pops up on me every so often (weeks like this week) and it can all get too much, I have found 4 little things that help get me through, it's all about finding what's right for yourself. If you have any little tips that work for you personally feel free to contact me or comment below. 

Love Aoife xx


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