Wednesday, 13 May 2015


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For those of you who don't know, I'm coming to the end of my A-levels, hence the lack of blogging at the moment (sorry guys). Whilst so many people cannot wait to be set free from the stressful, and never ending college life, I'm strangely going to miss it. For those of you who have experienced it, or are yet to experience it, college is a weird thing. Not only are you in the door and settled in your first year, but are you ready to pack your bags and move on in your second year, and for someone who doesn't like change, this aspect of it is a little daunting. Other than the negatives, exam pressure, which none of us like, there are so many things we just don't consider. Who will I stay in contact with? Who's going to be there for me to give a kick up my bum when I'm not meeting my deadlines? *CRIES* The whole process is a little odd, and at times overwhelming! I know for me that my college experience is more of a personal one, rather than an educational one. Don't get me wrong the A-levels at the end are great. But despite the outcome when I get my results in August, I know I've achieved something. I've learnt about myself and other people, and whilst it sounds super duper cringe, I know I've grown. So I'm pulling my abnormally emotional self together and I'm getting through the next few weeks. I guess this is just my way of apologising in advance for my inconsistency, and I kinda wanted to let a little emotion out whilst I was doing so... 

Love Aoife xx

P.S - Sending hugs to all of you sitting your exams in the next few weeks, whether it's A-levels, GCSE'S, or finally finishing those dissertations. I don't envy any of you. 


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