Wednesday, 24 June 2015


It's no secret of mine that I love a good tan. However, from a young age it was drilled into me, the importance of looking after your skin. Therefore tanning beds and large amounts of sun exposure were a big no-no for me. The fact I also just have a tendency to burn is not helpful. I mean is it even possible to get a tan in England?! So I'm a cheater. I have a cupboard dedicated to JUST tanning products - I'm not even ashamed. In the winter I don't mind embracing the au natural look, but in summer my paleness is just unnecessary (having previously been compared to a porcelain doll!) 

 St Moriz was the answer to all my pale problems. After trying so many other brands on the market, I was sick of spending ridiculous amounts without achieving the results I wanted. The sweet smelling tan leaves your skin feeling soft, and streak free - ladies our prayers are answered!

 I also like to add a little bit to my face, to make me look a bit more alive in the mornings. It is so long lasting, which means I can wake up every morning ready to face the day, not having to battle with my paleness. Sadly, my Mum does not agree as she is the one that has to deal with the white stained bed sheets. Reminder to self: don't apply fake tan right before bed. I'm sure she'll understand...

Love Aoife xx

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