Wednesday, 29 July 2015


As a blogger it becomes so easy to just showcase the glitz and the glam side to the job. Between the Instagram selfies and the partying hard snapchats (if you haven't added me already, please do so -aoife.cooksey) it becomes difficult to decipher what the "reality" of that person is.  So I felt it was time to get a little bit more personal and reveal some facts about myself, that not many people would necessarily know.... 

1. Kim Kardashian is probably one of the most important people in my life. Yes, sad, but true. I'm not usually one to be a fangirl and growing up I didn't really go through the Justin Bieber or One Direction phase, but when it comes to Kimmy K, I just can't help myself. If I spent as much time revising as I did watching the Kardashians, then I'd probably be some kind of junior mastermind! 

2. Speaking of junior mastermind *flicks hair*, I was a COMPLETE "teacher's pet" in school. That girl that joined every single all singing, all dancing, extra-curricular club, YEP that was me! Looking back, I probably should have taken a chill pill in my childhood, but I guess it made me "me"? Well, that's what I tell myself anyway... 

3. My addiction to burgers should probably be illegal. This is something that is probably clear just looking through my Instagram feed. Any burger chain you can name, I've probably been to it. I think it's because my Pap used to own an American Diner, so as a teen I'd spend my days there, I guess it makes me feel closer to home by eating them. Strange. I know. 

4. Gossip Girl changed my life. Over Christmas last year I got the box set and I managed to conquer it within a few weeks. For the rest of the year I spent my time reliving my favourite gossip girl moments, and then the Blair Waldorf phase began. Headbands and heels were my go-to things, how original! But yes, I lived my life by Gossip Girl, thank god that phase passed! However, I am still waiting for my Chuck Bass. 

5. Instagram comes before boys. My mum will never understand my fascination with it, and she's often kept awake at night with the concept of people "following" me. BUT I LOVE IT. I couldn't live without that little app, teenage boys on the other hand?! Meh. 

So there you have it. Five little facts you probably didn't know about me. 
I'm already regretting this....


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