Saturday, 25 July 2015


I hate travelling, so if I can make life any easier by carrying less, I will. Don't get me wrong the holiday after the journey is a dream, but prior to that always seems to be a nightmare. Long delays, awkward security checks, and stuffy aeroplanes - my idea of hell. Whatsmore, I ALWAYS end up sitting next to the crying baby, or Mr "I'm going to invade your personal space for the next 4 hours" *proceeds to fall asleep on your shoulder*. Despite all of this I am incredibly excited to start my summer travels next week, when I head off to Crete, and as the overly organised girl that I am, I've already planned what I'll be carrying on the plane. So before you all fall asleep, here's a quick glimpse into my handbag essentials... 

1. Headphones - A travel MUST HAVE, just because the inflight entertainment sometimes isn't up to scratch. 

2. MAC Strobe Cream - You've all probably heard me rave about this little beauty before. It contributes to keeping your skin looking refreshed and a little less jet-lagged. 

3. Compressed Sure Deodorant - to keep you smelling and feeling fresh throughout. 

4. EOS Lip Balm - I literally have a phobia of having dry, chapped lips, and I'm a complete lip balm hoarder. So it wouldn't make sense for me to travel without my beloved EOS lip balm. 

5. Vogue - With my schedule being a little crazy, I often miss out on updating myself with the latest Vogue, so travelling is the perfect opportunity to have a catch up! 

Hydration is key, particularly in hot countries and nowadays we're always being warned of the effects of dehydration - even when doing a ten minute journey on a train. So as well as carrying these essentials, I will be constantly clutching a bottle of water. Happy travelling to me! 

Love Aoife xx


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