Saturday, 22 August 2015


I've mentioned before how relationships can be a strange thing, whether they're intimate ones, or just friendships. Just like every other girl out there, guys have promised me the world, building my expectations, and letting me down. It's a funny concept, and can often lead to you doubting yourself. If my friends got £1 for every time they heard "what's wrong with me?" - they'd probably be rolling in it by now. I was tired of putting myself out there, and getting no where. I then decided to make a pact with myself. To me loving someone else was the easy thing to do. Loving myself on the other hand, well that was something that I'd probably just laugh off. But in life you really can't guarantee someone else's love, you can guarantee your own though. Easier said than done, I know. But I was determined to find a way of loving myself before I loved someone else again. Besides, how can you expect someone to love you when you don't do the same? Just like everything, it takes time to learn. Especially if you're used to being your own worst enemy. But it's just a habit, and they can be broken. We live in a society where it's self absorbent to love yourself, but I disagree with this. Why shouldn't we love ourselves? Start by looking in the mirror and telling yourself one thing you love about you. You'll soon find other people love those things too. 

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  1. This post was great.
    Josie xo

    1. Thanks Josie! That's really sweet of you xx




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