Monday, 28 September 2015


As a child, I always dreamed of releasing my inner Barbie and going blonde. With dark and hair and even darker eyebrows to match, the possibility of this actually happening was slim to none. So when suggesting it to my hairdresser you can understand her reaction. After my crazy "let's just go platinum all over" moment, she managed to talk me down to something more subtle - the balayage effect. A technique used to almost "ombre" the hair in a more natural, sunkissed kinda way. Whilst my journey to blonde hasn't finished yet, and I'm booked in for one more treatment, I couldn't be happier with how it's turned out. After months of feeling like my hair was dull and lifeless, I've finally achieved something that I can hold my head high with. Now I just need to see whether or not blondes have more fun.

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