Saturday, 26 September 2015


It’s impossible to not show some support for our boys over the next few weeks, when I have my own mini rugby player. Growing up it was fair to say I was the “girly” stereotype, a day didn’t go by without me trying to steal my Mum’s makeup without her noticing, nothing's really changed. My Dad had numerous failed attempts at trying to bring out the “sporty” side of me - my first AND last football training session still haunts me to this day, and my only recollection of netball practise was how bitterly cold it was. It soon became clear, other than extensive amounts of dancing, my sporty side was non-existent. So as you can imagine, 8 years later when this little munchkin came into the world as the next Jonny Wilkinson, I was more than a little surprised. That dream of having sleepovers, makeovers and gossiping about boys with my younger sister soon went - and I couldn’t be happier about it. Besides, one Aoife in a household is MORE than enough.

My admiration for my sister is something out of this world. Usually it’s the younger sibling that looks up to the eldest in awe - but the roles are reversed here. Everyday she surprises me, and inspires me in ways that others can’t. She taught me some of the biggest life lessons, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Looking at people’s differences in a positive way, is something that isn't done enough and should be encouraged. You won’t be seeing me in a rugby kit anytime soon, but come this evening I’ll be wearing the rose, to support our boys and all the little princesses out there that traded their crowns for the field.


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