Thursday, 8 October 2015


As my blog is soon approaching its 1st birthday - yes, I will be throwing it a party, any excuse! I've been thinking about how much it's grown and changes I want to make in order to take everything to the next level. Being such a perfectionist can become a challenge at times, as I want everything to be on point. I'm not the type of person to do a half-arsed job, I kind of see it as a job not worth doing if you're not going to do it properly. So as of this Saturday, as a way of marking my baby's birthday, I'm finding ways to "spruce" everything up a bit. 

1. Putting the V in Vlogger - Vlogging is something that actually terrifies me, so what seemed the logical thing to do, well jump right in and start Vlogging of course! I'm not quite YouTube ready, and I enjoy having my little blog following, as it makes it feel like I have another a little family. So as of next week I will be attempting to post a weekly Vlog - from make-up tutorials, to following me on my days around London, you'll see it all!

2. A little bit of organisation - I tend to post sporadically at the moment, but my new resolution is to try and post a bit more consistently. It makes everything a little more professional... I hope! The fact I used "sporadically" makes me feel a little like I'm starring in Clueless. 

3. Photo game going strong - Last, but certainly by no means least, I'd like to welcome my good friend Emma to my little blogging world. My selfie game is ok, but with a real life photographer on-board you can expect to see a lot more outfit posts and better photo quality (Emma knows all the photography mumbo-jumbo). The perks of having a photo-savvy friend! 

So that's about it! For someone who doesn't like commitment, this all seems like rather a lot of it. But I'm excited and looking forward to the new and improved version of my blog. I can tend to feel quite guilty and disappointed if I end up posting something crap, so with these changes hopefully everyone will be impressed. Just wanted to fill you all in on my blogging life lately, and all the crazy ideas that go on inside my little head (usually at 4 o'clock in the morning - insomnia's a b*tch). 

Love Aoife xx

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