Saturday, 17 October 2015


Overwhelmed, frustrated and anxious are three words that pretty much sum up how I've been feeling the past few weeks, and all without explanation. I've explained before about my anxiety and how when it gets bad I can end up, like hundreds of others out there, becoming either really helpless, or the other end of the spectrum and completely over-working myself. Recently I've lacked the ability and want to do anything, which probably ends up making me feel even more helpless - you can see the cycle begin right? After a conversation with my family, where they had noticed the change, I knew it was time to do something about it. My mum kindly reminded me that I had all the tools to deal with my anxiety, I just needed to start using them. So as always, I'm no professional in this area, but I wanted to share my experiences, tips and tricks to overcome certain issues.

1. Write away. Feelings are often something I find difficult to communicate, with boyfriend's, family, and friends - I often expect people to be mind readers. This sadly has resulted in me losing a lot of people in my life, because I end up not knowing what to actually do with all of the built up emotion inside me. It was actually during a drama workshop where I learnt this, but writing down your thoughts and emotions is often a good way of just getting things "out", and that way you don't have to actually verbalise them, it helps to make more sense of them in your head. Writing for just 5 minutes at the start of the day, helps you order your thoughts, so that you're ready to embrace your day with a clear mind.

2. Don't be afraid to ask for help. I've always had it in my head that in order to be an independent person you need to do deal with everything by yourself, but sometimes even the most independent of us need to be a little bit dependent on someone. I'm now not ashamed to admit I've sought help. Sometimes just chatting to my family or friends solves the problem, but at other times, seeing someone completely external helps. During college I spent two years doing CBT and regularly seeing a councillor. I can hand on my heart say now, I probably wouldn't have got through those two years without either of those. So if at any stage you're in need of help, there's so many options out there, some are more suited to others. I found counselling helped me, as it just allowed me to talk....and talk...and talk.

You face challenges every day in life, and some days you're better prepared for them than others. Some days just getting on a busy tube in London throws me, but constantly finding ways to deal with my anxiety ensures that these little niggles and fears overcome me. 


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