Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Something that bothers me? Wow, we could be here a while. But no, something that REALLY bothers me, and not even in a way that makes me angry, but in a way that makes me feel really sad. Copying. Oh, how very primary school of me - I know. But recently, it's become more and more apparent. When I was younger it was drilled into me to be different, not to follow the crowd, and always fight for what you believe in. But what when your "different" becomes someone else's "different" - then surely it's the same? This is something I'm personally struggling with at the moment. It confuses me how someone would rather follow in someones shadow, rather than make their own path in life. 

Going through school, it's almost the easy option to follow the crowd, go along with what everyone else is doing. But where is the fun in taking the easy option? Long term success comes from knowing your values, knowing what makes you you, and offering something to the world that's "different". Success doesn't come on a plate, and it certainly doesn't come from replicating someone else. Yes, wake up every day and take inspiration from things - that's what they're there for! But don't choose to copy them. I'd much rather be a first rate version of myself, rather than a second rate version of someone else. 

I'd hate to look back in life and realise that my success was defined by someone else. We all have our own definitions of success, and they vary from person to person. For some, simply waking up in the morning and getting out of bed is something that should be hugely appreciated. For others, it's working towards a new promotion at work. One isn't less valued than the other, but it's dependent on the individual. So by living someone else's success, and doing what they are doing, you're completely changing this, basically saying to yourself that your own personal success and achievements are irrelevant, and you'd rather have someone else's. 

So following the advice that was taught to me back in my early teenage years. I'm waking up every day, looking for inspiration, and pushing towards my own goals.

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