Sunday, 4 October 2015


Dating is something that I find really weird, with the rise of dating apps such as Tinder, it's fair to say it's a whole new ball game to what it probably used to be. Writing a blog post about it makes me nervous enough, never mind actually going out and doing it. The need to meet someone left me a long time ago. People often find it bizarre when they meet someone that is actually quite content on their own, and it's taken me a while to actually get to a stage where I enjoy my own company. As self-indulgent as it may be, I love having time just for me, time where it's just about me and no-one else. Spending time alone, it's also become clear to me what I am actually looking for, and has also made certain expectations apparent...

1. Taking an interest in each others lives. This is something that I find crucial. Yes, it's amazing that we have separate hobbies and jobs, and that's what makes everything more interesting. No, you can't expect to see me join in with your favourite sport, because that's simply not me. But I will show my support and love hearing you talk about something passionately. Sorry, but this relationship will probably be cut short if you turn around and say "So what do you actually blog about, or is it just pretty pictures?".  

2. Text me to see if I'm ok - and still alive. I get that you're busy, and so am I but when the average teenager can type 44 words per minute, I'm sure it's not taking too much time out of your day just to see how someone is doing. 

3. Cut the lad culture. Contrary to popular belief in this day and age, "lad culture" has got to be one of the most unattractive things ever to have existed. Playing it cool with me won't work, I get bored too easily, and I'm far too busy to get into chasing someone. Effort is attractive. Not just in relationships but in any other area of life. If you make an effort with me, I will probably most definitely make an effort back - and we're both happy. It all seems rather simple. 

No, I'm not a relationship expert, and obviously one of the fundamental elements is working together - meeting each other half way. The possibility of someone coming into my life in the future excites me, but these are some expectations that I will always have in mind. 

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