Wednesday, 4 November 2015


This was initially a topic I wanted to Vlog about, however, after some careful consideration, I realised I probably wouldn't be able to do so without ending the video sitting in a pool of tears, with half of my make up gone. 3 weeks, 6 months, 2 years, break-up's never become easy. You've taken the time to get to know someone, let them into your life, and all of that goes more often than not without reason. It hurts. Unfortunately, not much can relieve that heartache, other than time, chocolate, and countless episodes of Gossip Girl. But there are some definite DON'TS when it comes to getting over ex's. Don't get me wrong, I'm no relationship guru, but I'm sure a lot of the girls out there that have experienced sitting up until God knows what time eating a tub of ice cream questioning why he hasn't messaged you, or thinking "what went wrong"...

1. Put down the ice cream - I'm the worst person for eating my feelings, and that never leads to good things. Yes, you're hurting, but that ice cream won't make it hurt less. I also find that when I start eating more and more crap, my moods get worse, ending with me feeling more depressed than I did to begin with. No, I'm not saying opt for the salad, just try and limit your sugar intake. Your body has probably been through enough shock, without being high on ice cream, chocolate, and sweets. 

2. DON'T social media stalk - No good story started with "well I Facebook stalked him at 2am". All you're doing is causing yourself even more hurt. Love yourself more than to go looking to be hurt. 

3. Ask for support - I cannot express enough how much my friends and family have got me through, without them I probably wouldn't still be standing. So don't be afraid to ask for some support, they'll be more than happy to give it to you. 

 If Jen got over Brad, you will have no problem - Be kind to yourself, give yourself time, and learn to love yourself again. I've said before, time heals everything, you're going through a loss, you're feeling sensitive and the only thing that will change that is time.


  1. You hit the nail on the head with Number 2! Not to mention the accidental 'like' on a photo while social media stalking.... Its happened to me once, never again did I look back at an ex's photos. The embarrassment alone!!! However, i've already received an accidental twitter follow from an ex..... ;) haha.

    1. You're definitely not alone there, trust me, I've probably done worse! That's an extremely satisfying feeling ;)




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