Thursday, 12 November 2015


I've recently been talking a lot about break-up's, and whilst they can be one of the hardest things to go through, they also have their perks. As I'm making my way through my first year at Uni, I'm doing so with 3 other sassy and single girls, ready to mingle. After 2 months of settling in, we decided it was time to get to know the London nightlife. I decided to close the break-up chapter and find out what the perks were to single life - instead of crying to myself whilst watching Bridget Jones on repeat. This is what we discovered during our Monday night...

1. Make friends with the bartender - I'm naturally a chatty person, my level of talking only increases after a few cosmopolitans. But befriending the bartenders seemed to be our smartest move of the night, with free shots of tequila, till we could no longer remember our ex's names.

2. Street performers will serenade you - This was a result of one too many shots of tequila... One of my friends put in a little request to a street performer, stating that I've always wanted a guy to serenade me with Justin Bieber songs, and he obliged. Potentially the cutest moment of my life. Sorry, who needs a boyfriend? 

3. You realise your friends fulfill you a lot more than any boy could - Cake, Lush bath bombs and long walks. They just "get it". Having been through the whole "here we go another F**k boy situation" themselves, they know exactly how to deal with it when they hear code red. 

Writing this blog post put a huge smile on my face. It also made me realise how grateful I am to be surrounded by so many wonderful women. I'd also like to say a HUGE thank you to bartenders at TGIF's and the street performer who made this blog post possible. You guys sure made my Monday evening one to remember. 


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