Saturday, 5 December 2015


First dates are often something I really dread, and probably try to avoid at all costs. I'm much more comfortable sitting in my big cosy bed, drowned by pillows, watching Made in Chelsea - unfortunately this isn't the most effective way for meeting guys. So instead of convincing myself I'm in a relationship with Alex Mytton, I decided to man up, bite the bullet, and take a f***ing chance. 

No matter how caj the first date is, it's more than likely that I will still spend the entirety of my day preparing myself. Here's some little things that I find calm my nerves (relatively) well, and make me feel ready to actually go out and meet someone...

1. It's all about the playlist. 
I generally listen to music 24/7, but the volume of said music increases when I'm trying to get myself ready. A playlist filled with Beyonce and "Miss Independent" is bound to get you revved up, feeling like you can take on the world. 

2. Dutch courage.
Usually if I tell my friends I'm going on a date, they often say "have a drink beforehand to calm your nerves". To me this is a big no go, simply because I know how much of a lightweight I am, and will probably end up serenading them with all of the songs from my "date night ready" playlist. 

3. Breathing. 
Sometimes we get so caught up and excited with the fact we're going on a date with an actual real life male, that we forget to simply breeeeathe. Breathing deeply and meditation calms me right down, so if I'm ever feeling extremely nervous in a situation I just take a deep breath.

4. Prepare the conversation.
One of my biggest fears with a first date is the possibility that the conversation runs dry, and we sit there not knowing how to break the huge awkward silence. Before I go on a date I usually think of potential things I could ask the person, in order to get to know them - just in case. Nine times out of ten I've never had to use this, but it's just a bit of a relief to know that you can keep the conversation going. 

5. Dressed to impress.
An amazing outfit always makes me feel 100 times more confident, which is what every girl needs if she's meeting someone for the first time. A good outfit can make you feel comfortable and allows you to hold your head high. WalG have the perfect collection of outfits and dresses to make you feel just this way, without breaking the bank. If he doesn't want a second date after seeing you, then the boy got problems! 

I'm generally still a nervous mess on first dates. My last one consisted of me falling down a flight of stairs within the first 2 minutes, to which the guy responded "Is someone nervous?" Yep. Ok. Don't help me up then. I'll just lie on the ground being my nervous self for the next 2 hours of our date. You go ahead. Oh well, at least I'm a well dressed nervous wreck...

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