Tuesday, 15 December 2015


I recently came to a bit of a conclusion as to how I look at relationships, in a way that makes them seem a little more "logical" to me. I'm a firm believer that half the reason you meet someone is for them to teach you something - which is great as I'm all for learning and growing as a person. But what happens when you feel like you've learnt that lesson? When you think you've gained everything you potentially can, and things just aren't a-ok in that particular relationship anymore? Whether it's friends, family, or boyfriends, I recently decided that unless someone was enhancing my life in a way that seemed positive, did they really need to be there? I don't mean that in a brutal, I'm cutting all connection with you, and removing you from my life, kind of way. But instead an "ok, it's time to move on a learn something else", way.  This doesn't mean that I will forget that person, and I will always fully appreciate everything they taught me. But sometimes in life there are people that grow with you, and others that just want to stay exactly where they are - both are perfectly fine, but one may simply mean you're no longer compatible with each other.

It all sounds very profound. Especially considering I thought it all up when I decided to do a hungover walk along southbank, after a night of ashamedly drunk texting ex's with all my girlfriends. Yes, we've all been there. On that note, I think my relationship with vodka has taught me all the potential lessons I have to learn, and I'm ready to move on from it...well...maybe...

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