Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Relationships. I've been blabbing on about them for quite some time now. Yes, I'm aware I'm not a relationship expert (trust me, my relationship history is a clear indicator of that), but I like to write about what's current in my life that just makes it feel a little more "real" and honest. So recently I've been reflecting a lot on previous relationship scenarios and the make or break of them. In no way have my past relationships been failures, but I have certainly found ways of not doing things in the future...

1. I don't want a textationship. 
Meaning, no, I don't want the extent of our relationship to be us texting constantly. Generally that means it'll be pretty short lived, because within three weeks I've already learnt everything about you - in a really unnatural way. Don't get me wrong, I'm a sucker for a good morning text, but I probably won't be that disappointed if we're not texting constantly throughout the day. In fact, I'll be happier. I like the element of allowing us to miss each other, when we're not together, subsequently it means that when we are together the conversation will be a tad more interesting. 

2. Forget the movies. 
I'm so guilty of comparing my relationship to that of Chuck and Blair's, or something off Made in Chelsea. I'm basically setting myself up to fail. Real life isn't scripted, and you don't know what could happen at any point. By expecting a movie romance, I'm basically giving myself false expectations...

3. Depend on independency. 
That lustful feeling can consume you in the beginning of any new relationship, with the "ohmygod please snog my face off me now" and the "I just love spending every second of my day with you" moments. Yes, these feelings are natural, they're what helps to create chemistry, shows your interest, and builds excitement. But these kinds of things can also be very short lived. I mean, I think there's nothing better than seeing two people who want to make their separate lives become one (woah we're getting deep now), but I also think remaining independent and having your own life contributes a lot to building a good relationship. I almost find it attractive when a guy can do his own thing, or talk about his own interests with passion. 

Ok, so that turned out to be a pretty hefty amount of "blabbing", maybe now I need to start putting what I say into practice myself...

Love Aoife xx


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