Tuesday, 8 March 2016


It's been a month since I returned from my getaway to Paris and I'm already fighting the urge to get on the next plane and go running back! One of the things on my to do list whilst I was over there was to visit Disneyland, the all-singing-all-dancing little girl inside me couldn't contain her excitement, however, convincing the self-confessed Disney hater to come along with me, I knew I was in for a challenge!

Let me fill you in quickly on life before my trip to Paris. I had a bittersweet start to the New Year. I was ready for a fresh start, but was finding it hard to forget and let go. Having just come out of a relationship, that wasn't officially a relationship, with a guy that turned out to be the best thing I never really had, and managing to fall head first into a string of extremely unsuccessful dates. Not to mention the super personal things that were getting me down, from uni to family life - I couldn't escape it! So a trip away to Paris to forget about it all? 
Yes, please! 

After a stressful car journey to the airport, and constantly panicking that I'd forgotten something, because god forbid I'd have to go without my beauty blender for 4 days, I stood in Gatwick contemplating whether or not to get on the plane. Was leaving my comfort zone the best option when everything in my comfort zone wasn't that comfortable at the moment? But I did it, and from the moment I stepped on Parisian soil, I didn't look back. Checking in with my Mum every night to assure her I was still alive the one thing I remember her saying to me was "You look so happy, darling"  and for the first time in a while, I genuinely felt it. My trip away brought me back to life, some people may say that's a tad dramatic, but just stepping away from my norm, and letting my hair down, was exactly what I needed to remind me what life was about. What relevance did people and scenarios have in my life if they were stopping me waking up every day with the goofiest smile on my face!

I wanted to go away and just forget, and that I did. But I came back wiping my slate clean and starting again. My 2016 started a bit late - but it was well worth in the end. Releasing my inner child in Disneyland, was one of the most refreshing experiences I've ever had and by the time the fireworks display ended in the evening, the Disney hater had been converted too - I definitely overheard him singing along in the parade, but don't tell him I told you. So all in all a very successful trip! When I returned, I made a decision to not let anyone dampen my spirits, I was taking control of my happiness. Oh, and that guy I mentioned? Contrary to my beliefs at the start of the year, he was very replaceable (sorry if that bruises your ego). My goal is to carry on surrounding myself with people and experiences that make me laugh uncontrollably and smile until my double chin appears! 

So when is my next holiday? 

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