Sunday, 24 April 2016


Recently, I've been getting bogged down with so many little niggly things, that come along every so often in life. I feel like I've come to a crossroads where everything is building up and the cracks in my insta-perfect lifestyle are beginning to show, from my relationship, to my workload, nothing seems to be plain sailing! Generally I talk about my life experiences once they've already happened and I have a sense of detachment towards them. But this is now, this is current, this is my life. I've found myself not knowing what to do in any aspect of my life, not having any certainty and kind of wandering around aimlessly until I find the solution. In the meantime, life is resuming at full speed, and deadlines are building up. So here's my advice, to myself more than anyone else, for when you're/we're feeling like this... 

Take time 

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Time heals everything. So give yourself that. Don't be afraid to say no to additional work, or skip the big nights out to just give yourself some me time, it's probably well deserved! 

Don't make any major decisions

I'm the worst for making rash decisions in order to get a quick fix to the solution. 9 times out of 10 they turn out to be the worst decisions. So whilst you're having your phase of confusion, don't make any big decisions. But also remember that - it is just a phase.

Declutter your mind 

When I'm confused about situations I'm far too guilty of asking everyone's opinion on it in order to find a solution. But asking 100 different people for their opinion, means you've got 100 different conflicting solutions - and as a result you build up more scepticism about the situation, planting you back at the start. 

Now it's time to start taking some of my own advice and get through this stage - oh it all seems so easy!  

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  1. Hi <3 .. What size do you wear ? I want to order these boots but I am in between sizes (Eu 38-39).. So Im not sure what size to order. How did they fit you ?:)

    1. Hello! I'm the same and I went with a Eu 38. But they are obviously a quite tight fit so it depends which size you are the most. Hope this helps xx




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