Saturday, 14 May 2016


I feel like I've had a long (probably not so well deserved) break from blogging. Not intentionally, but one of the downsides to being apart of the blogosphere is that your life is quite exposed. Which can be a lot to cope with on a day to day basis, add a break-up, life problems, and a hell of a lot of built up stress to the mix and...well...we're not in for a smooth ride! Truth is, it can be so difficult to talk about some of those things, it's almost as if I have to wait until I'm emotionally detached from them all before I'm ready to talk about them. So opening up to my snapchat family (@aoife.cooksey) 5 days post break-up was tough to say the least. What do I say? What if I say too much? How will people react? I followed through and did it, with all of the above going through my head and as I did it I could feel my anxiety going crazy. I now have a beautiful rash on my neck just to prove it. But it was enough of me and my emotions being in hiding. I mean for-god-sake Aoife, you have already allowed a guy to hide you away for however long, don't do it to yourself too! So I made the first move to make my "come back", we all have them after something significant in our life happens and now I'm making my second move. Truth is, I'm not feeling ok, silly things make me upset, like hearing a song we used to sing to, or thinking about how competitive we used to get with each other. Those once lived memories, are now just that, memories and I'm not ok with that. But that in itself is ok, it's ok for me to feel down, cry at silly things, or feel hurt - all of those emotions are acceptable right now. But I guess this is my way of saying that despite that, I'm here and I'm going to carry on. Eventually I'll find my new normal again, and that will make me just as happy. 

Until then...

Love Aoife xx

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  1. Really great post, very honest!!! Stay strong, we all go through it xxx

  2. Thank you! It's really appreciated Xx




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