Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Four weeks ago today my world felt like it was falling apart. Everything that had become my "norm" and that I found safety in, my relationship, the comfort of my job, my social life, was disappearing at a considerably fast rate. It was a kind of "when is this going to end" situation, "surely things can't get any worse" and just as I'd say that, the universe would have a weird way of proving me wrong. So I decided to run. Pack my bags and just leave (only for 4 days mind you and I wasn't a million miles away from home but still...) Yes, you can't run away from your problems, but I could postpone them for a weekend. Looking back, I can honestly say if I hadn't of done that then, I wouldn't be standing strong today. Getting away gave me the distance I needed to clear my head and start again, gaining a bit of perspective on things. The support and love from other people brought me back to life, it made me feel valued again and after countless incidents that tried to devalue me, a self-esteem boost was just what I needed. 

Fast forward a month later and I'm slowly starting to realise why things were going so wrong. Sometimes things fall apart, so that better things fall together. I decided to stop playing the victim to the negativity in my life and be grateful that it was happening because even though I didn't know what it was at the time, I knew there was a reason for everything to go pear shaped. I learnt some major life lessons and the opportunities that I'm welcoming into my life now, there wouldn't of been room for them a month ago. 

Appreciate the negative as much as the positive - there's something to gain from everything. 

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