Sunday, 5 June 2016


A few weeks ago my nervous little self went and took part in an interview as part of some work with the London College of Fashion. No matter how many times I get asked these questions, I'll always get niggling fears beforehand. Nothing is worse than developing foot and mouth disease, leading to me saying something cringe worthy that I can never live down. But thank god the girl interviewing me was just as nervous, so it kind of just ended in a funny joke and the result was something I was so proud of. So I thought I'd share it with you guys... 

"Aoife Cooksey is a Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger based in London, United Kingdom. She revealed that in order to upgrade your blogging platform, networking is a fundamental element. She talked about how key investment was in any industry and that'll you'll probably put in a lot before you get anything out. 

Who/What is your inspiration? 

Lydia Elise Millen is my main blogging inspiration, I LOVE her whole aesthetic. But in terms of taking inspiration, I take it from all around me but put my own spin on it. My friends and family are huge influences. 

What is the biggest change in your life since blogging? 

Definitely the amount of privacy that I have in my life. In a second so many people know what I'm doing, it's quite scary, I often forget about the scale of people I'm appealing to. One small mistake and I could lose everything so easily. I have to remember I'm representing my brand constantly. Social media is such a great thing, but you forget who is watching. Snapchat (aoife.cooksey) is one of the funniest; you can actually see who screenshots your stuff and it's like "why are you screenshotting me?!" *laughs* I kind of forget that people look at me as a role model. I could never go missing; people would probably be able to locate me on some form of social media. I feel surprised when people say they take inspiration from me. It's like "WHY ME?!" *laughs*.

Do you think it's a competitive industry and have you ever faced competition? 

In terms of competition I would say it's healthy, you can always learn new things and find new ways of doing things. Instead of competing it's nice to learn things from people. Of course it's a competitive industry, but that's not a negative to me. For me someone who's considered as competition should never try and put someone down, we should be supporting one another. Critic is the only negative, but that to me is nothing to do with competition. At the end of the day, I'm not here to be compared to someone else - that isn't my job. Of course people are entitled to their opinions, but I'm entitled not to listen. If it's someone that has my best interests at heart, then of course I'll listen. But if it's someone on Instagram telling me that my eyebrow game isn't that strong today, then it's kind of just like "have a day off!" I just don't take that. 

Now that you're establishing yourself as a blogger, what's the next "ultimate" goal?

Finding happiness. That's the goal. Everything else is just an add on. But happiness will always be the main goal, that's something that's invaluable."

I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to the wonderfully gorgeous Aayushi Shah for putting me at ease during this interview and allowing me to be myself. I wish you every amount of success in the future and it was a pleasure working with you xx



  1. Really lovely read - very inspiring!!! xxx

    1. Thank you sweet! Glad you enjoyed it xxx




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