Wednesday, 29 June 2016


The question that I always get asked when I decide to share with people that I'm a blogger, is how did you get into it and my general answer is something along the lines of 'oh it was just something that interested me' ,downplaying the reality of it out of fear of boring people. But the truth is, blogging was something that completely turned my world around and is still doing so today. 

I was 17 when my blog came to life so it's not difficult to stereotype the kind of teenage girl that I was. Going into my last year of college, becoming unhealthily addicted to carbs, I was reaching 10 and a half stone, not that that's considered big, but on a 5ft 1" gal, I couldn't carry it well. I was becoming increasingly more and more negative and unhappy, with uncontrollable mood swings that not even the closest people to me could tolerate. My diet, solely consisting of pizza and cakes, wasn't doing anything to help the situation. Admittedly, I could of quite easily carried on going the way I was going. Right then the easier option WAS to be miserable. I decided enough was enough, I was bored of the woe-is-me attitude and I was ready to start taking action in my own life. 

I religiously started following fitness inspo on Instagram; the likes of Madeleine Shaw and Lydia Elise Millen really inspired me. They sparked a flame that was the start of a really exciting journey - little did I know that then. I soon realised, if two people I didn't even know could have such an impact on my life, maybe I could contribute the same to someone else's. That was the goal, to even make a difference/inspire just ONE person.

My fitness journey was the start of something amazing because it really hasn't stopped growing since. Now there is no better time to celebrate it with the fitness industry becoming the second biggest trend next to the beauty industry. Fitness is now as important to me as Fashion. Just like I wake up in the morning and decide what to wear, I also decide when to work out. Not just for the sake of looking good, it's something a lot bigger than that to me, it helps my mentality, gives me energy that I need, helps my mind focus and keeps the competitive side in me alive. 

So if anyone is sitting there wondering when they need to start, whether it's the gym, a new diet, a blog, or something else. NOW, is the answer.

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  1. Really great and inspiring story.

  2. This is great!




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