Sunday, 24 July 2016


Last week myself and the gorgeous Katerina Themis (yes she's even more beautiful than on Instagram), visited Lasula Boutique's HQ for some girl bonding time, photo shoots and embarrassingly bad dancing. It's fair to say I felt a little bit out of my depth when I first arrived and although I settled in by the end (with a bit of help from an Ariana Grande playlist), it really highlighted some issues for me. Standing in a bodycon dress I screamed "I LOOK 4 MONTHS PREGNANT". I felt awkward and became increasingly camera shy, trying to avoid it for long periods of time. After the first few outfit changes I began to settle, but there's defo nothing worse than when you feel self conscious and a bit on the bloated side, having to stand and act casual in front of a camera. Whilst the photo's ended up picture perfect and the video shows us having the time of our life, it definitely took us a while to get to that stage and one of the unfortunate things about this industry is that it would never showcase that side of it. 

So you've heard the behind the scenes truth first hand and whilst the result is something to be proud of, it definitely didn't feel like that at the time. It was a struggle of not wanting to come across like I wasn't grateful for an amazing opportunity but the initial fear and self doubt was something that I had to try and overcome. 

I guess we all have those days...... don't we???? 


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