Friday, 28 October 2016


Dating can be a funny one in this day and age, the amount of times my mum tries to comfort me with advice, my response is always something similar to "it's not the same anymore mum" - as if I've lived to write a full on comparison between dating 20 years ago and now. But it's something that bothers me. I've recently been feeling like the whole single life is less Carrie Bradshaw and more Bridget Jones. But it really isn't the same anymore...20 years ago we didn't have the insight into everyone's life via social media and dating wasn't as easy as swiping left or right on an app. Whilst "the chase" existed, it's been brought to a whole new level. Can it still be considered "the chase" if they take you on a date, ask you on a second, then block your number?! Surely that's playing TOO hard to get. 

Trying to crack the dating code is still somewhat a mystery to me, I'd probably have more success with the Da Vinci code.  But it's something that I'm bored of, which probably isn't hopeful for the gal that's turning 20 and should be ready to hit her dating prime. Dating doesn't excite me anymore, it's kind of anticipation ready for the series of unfortunate events to come after that. It's a topic that's wasted too much time in my head and I've come to the conclusion that the modern dating scene just isn't for me. Firstly, they're no longer called dates, but it's more just "chilling out", after that you spend a good 4 days wondering if you were a good enough chill partner and if they'll text you back (for a girl with admittedly 0 chill, this proves to be difficult). Before you crack and your friends convince you that it's a woman's world and you can contact him first. After you do so, you establish his lack of interest for round 2 of chilling and you become a tad delusional wondering where it all went wrong? The urge to ask them the question directly is tempting, but unfortunately you can't because after all you've only "chilled" once, and god forbid anyone was to actually show any interest in one another, or show some kind of affection! Instead if you genuinely like someone you have to act oblivious to their existence, like you don't care. Maybe move on, marry someone, have 3 kids, just to keep them guessing...because we all love playing hard to get! 

 Rather it be that if I like someone I want to see them, it's quite the opposite. If I like him, I have to ignore him. If I text him it must only be once, or I'll come across as clingy. If he takes an hour to reply, I need to double the time before I reply. Everything is over calculated in order to appear extremely nonchalant, but in reality you're drowning in your own insecurities wondering what you did wrong and why they don't like you.

It's a shame that in this day and age the normal thing to assume is that a date will never actually happen and nothing will accumulate to more than just "texting". Dear future husband, let's save the money on the wedding, I'll DM you my vows and we'll call it quits, because hey let's reminisce with how the whole love affair started, when you slid into my DM's. 

So I'm bored of this and I'm completely opting out of the way this is going. What a shame that I care and respect myself and others too much than to be apart of modern youth dating culture. Maybe it's time we all stopped playing this little game and grew up a little. Enough of the unanswered texts and cryptic indirect tweets. Let's all just get along? And be...well...normal adults! Whatever that is these days. 


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