Friday, 18 November 2016


Dear 18 year old me, 

You're ready to embark on adulthood now, your 20's. Although you're still not ready to admit full responsibility of what that entails, you're kind of glad your teens are done and dusted. Whoever said they're some of the best years of your life, was most definitely lying. You're still not sure if you learnt all the lessons in your teens and the ones that you have learnt were scary enough, so god forbid what the more 'adult ones' will be like. So let's take a moment to breath and just kind of establish what's gone on for the past two years; it's been a bit of a whirlwind. 

SO, you're 18. Congrats. You've done the whole hormonal teenage thing, you're an adult and you're eady to insist on it too. I'm an adult now Mum! I wear a bra! Youve got the world at your feet as you leave college and you're ready to embrace everything from gap years to degree life, there's endless possibilities. But there's going to be a few lessons on the way. 

The block button was created for a reason. 
Give me a vodka and coke and I'm ready to redeclare my love for my ex - yes, I'm a lightweight, tragic I know. But this is never a good idea and I'd rather save myself the "Aoifeeeee...." talk the next day off my friends. No good ever came from drunk texting an ex. The block button is there for a reason. Please use it. 

Unfortunately Mum is ALWAYS right.
That boy that she got a funny feeling about, or the friend she told you to be wary of. Miraculously turned out to be the people she knew they'd be. It's like she once lived it or something! But no, Mum is always right, or at least my one is. Save yourself the agg and listen to her from the beginning. 

You're going to have your heart broken. But it's going to be fixed again. 
Despite Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging showing us the ideal relationship scenario, reiterating the happily ever after that we grew up with, watching Disney films. They're going to come along one day, you'll think they're the one, 6 months down the line it'll probably still hurt to say their name. You'll probably be upset and angry with how you were treated and embarrassed for allowing it to happen. But it's ok. We all have to go through it at some point, even them. Give yourself the credit that you deserve for being in a different place now, *hair flick* ready to move on and find your Chuck Bass. 

You're going to completely underestimate yourself.
 You're going to meet people that will try and undermine you. That as a woman will try and make you feel belittled. They'll tell you that the only thing your good for is standing and looking pretty. That because you're kind and respectful, that you must be dumb and naive. But you are you, you are intelligent and you are strong and that is the most powerful thing anyone could ever have. Never let anyone take it away from you. 

Uni life isn't all it's cracked up to be. 
It's supposed to be the best 3 years of your life, whoever told you that is also 
lying. But your degree life is going to consist of a combination of being stressed to the brink because of deadlines, constantly reevaluating your financial situation and whether or not you can get away with spending your student loan on a few jagerbombs in spoons. On top of all of that you've got the drams of everyday life. Despite all of this, it is the best 3 years of your life, so enjoy it whilst you can. 

So there you have it. A lengthier blog post than some of the assignments you've submitted for the past year. The struggles, the hormones, the sh*t boyfriends and even sh*tter breakups that came with them, all seems kind of worth it. For some of the best years of your life. Bring on my twenties. 

All my love, 

20 year old me xx

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  1. This is a great post! I agree mums are always right they always know to say! And University is so stressful but the work is worth it and meet so many cool people :)

    Ameze xx




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